Exploiting a weakness Etisalat Hits Du where it hurts

Etisalat UAE ad
Etisalat UAE ad

One of the competitive positioning strategies that I teach in my communication courses is called “Exploiting a weakness”. In this tactical ad, Etisalat (the UAE’s leading mobile services provider) hit Du (the challenger) where it hurts the most – call quality. Du has been plagued with issues relating to mobile call quality – from dropped calls, to poor voice quality and so on.

It’s a great example of a simple piece of communication, and therein lies its effectiveness – a simple message, with a clear benefit, clearly communicated.

Well done Etisalat

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Embrance life – always wear a seat belt!

Embrace Life - Always wear you seat belt
Embrace Life – Always wear you seat belt

Changing habits is one of the biggest challenges faced by any marketer. After all, habits are driven by attitudes and beliefs… and attitudes & beliefs are driven by PERCEPTIONS.

In certain areas, this communication challenge is even greater than in others. For example, some people hate the idea of wearing a seat belt – their perception is that it is restraining, confining, and holds so many other negative connotations. This is despite the huge mountain of evidence that seat belts do in fact save lives. So how do you create the right perception – and therefore influence an attitude and behaviour change about the importance of seat belt use?

This challenge has been beautifully met here. Sussex Safer Roads group has prepared this powerful piece of communication – positive, empowering and emotionally charged – that shows the people you love and how they would be affected by your driving without a seat belt. IMHO, it is a great example of how to get a message across about a subject that many would reject as preachy, or negative, and leaves you thinking – I need to wear a seat belt, if not for my own sake, then the sake of my family.

Well done guys, awesome job!

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