What’s up with this silliness anyway (or monumental blunders part 2)!

I’m so fed up with this sort of silliness that I’m really afraid to comment on some of these!

For example, Pantene from P&G makes this classic English mistake on the front of their packaging… if you can’t see it, call me and I’ll explain it.

Pantene pack shot error

Then, there is this lovely piece from Kraft Foods (now Mondelez) – on their Oreos packs. I’ve pointed this out in an earlier post as well, but that was on outdoor. Now, its on pack – and as you know, packaging delivers far more eyeballs than your average outdoor campaign ever will… Just to recap, Twist Lick Dunk is an integral part of the equity of  Oreos, and it works just fine in English. However, in Arabic, which is read right to left, it reads Duck Lick Twist. I just wonder what the Global Brand Team has to say about this blatant silliness – getting the basic brand equity blocks backwards is such a glaring blunder that I really can say nothing further…

Oreo DLT stupidity contd on pkg

And this last one is an outdoor ad for the Girl Guides… I look forward to your comments on how this might be made stronger somehow :)

Sharjah Girl Guides ad

I am making on open offer – if you would like me to review your communication FREE OF CHARGE, I’m happy to do it. Seriously. I hope someone takes me up on this genuine offer of help…

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