A conversation on Positioning

Salman Abedin: OK if positioning is dated, what has it been replaced by? Why can’t positioning be expanded to include brand assets other than the product? after all, consumers buy brands (in their external form) so why arent brands acceptable as differentiators?

Omar Abedin: IMHO the concept of a ‘positioning’ is not dated. It just needs to be done properly.

Asadullah Siddiqui: I sincerely believe positioning isn’t dated as a concept as well. But what should be revised is the expectation that one positioning is eternal. Or that it is timeless. Sometimes it is, but many times now it must evolve. And yes, it can for sure encompass assets of the brand other than the promise itself.

Salman Abedin: So, even if the product is parity with the market, it is possible to have a unique positioning?

Omar Abedin: Differentiation can be rooted in many things – heritage, personality, values, emotional benefits offered, or even the way the TG is defined… So, while it would be nice to have SOME product differentiation, its not essential in order have a unique positioning…

Sheeraz Khan: Yes! to me, parities bring out da best form of positioning for a brand it uniquely wants to portray, but only if one knows over which platform and how!

Asadullah Siddiqui: Absolutely! Its the best positioning challenge to solve when you have parity on the product front.

Salman Abedin: My top three activations from the recent past are: 1. felix and redbull, 2. coke and skyfall, 3. angry birds and t-mobile. Any additions to this?

Sheeraz Khan: i have seen coke only, master-piece of an idea of how to extend da positoning 4da brand around “Open Happiness”. Somehow, personally, have failed to see good activations branching from da brand’s very own positioning, though some of em work brilliant best in isolation 4da brand.

To be continued?

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