Chapters 23 & 24 – “Building Brand YOU!” – by Omar Abedin

Chapter 23 Putting your Brand Identity together (don’t forget what differentiates you from anyone else!)

So far, we have been traveling through the Brand Funnel TM and we have built a capsule, a positioning, a heritage, product attributes and a brand persona for Brand YOU.

But there were 6 pieces to the Funnel if you refer back to where we started. The 6th and final piece is the Key Differentiators.

What are your Key Differentiators and where can they be found?

Review the work you have done on the Funnel so far. Keeping in mind the Brand Firedance, select the 3-5 most powerful, differentiating and memorable associations that you can. Ideally, each should trigger the others and together they should mean only one possible Brand – YOU!

These associations will be key in building your brand in the future. You will need to keep them in the forefront of your mind as you move forward to ensure that you are building your brand on a consistent platform.

So now it is time to put together your completed Brand Identity. Here is how it should look, and ideally you want it to fit on one page.

The brilliantly funny American liberal pundit

For those people sick of the right wing conservative media with its clearly defined agenda,
Jon Stewart is the must-watch political pundit / satirist
That uses well-researched & scathing humour to expose the foibles & follies of those who would take America down a conservative, right wing path
Because his unique delivery, style, East Coast sensibilities & unerring sense of humour make his show the most-watched in its segment, and great fun to boot!

Product Attributes

– Immaculate suit & tie
– Ability to do creative impressions (specially Old Jewish Grandmother from NY)
– Shorter than most people (and focuses on this with taller guests in typical self-deprecating style)


– New York Jewish upbringing
– A decade of hard-hitting journalism
– Ownership of humour & satire as a weapon of truth


– Archetype: The smart & funny liberal pundit who can be relied on to tell it like it is!

– Values
o The truth needs to be told
o Integrity above all else
o Humor drives home the point better

– Personality
o Passion for the truth
o A self-deprecating & irreverent sense of humour and
o An uncanny ability to frame the important issues of the day for the American (and global) public

Key Differentiators

– The brilliantly funny American liberal pundit
– His unique delivery, style, East Coast sensibilities & unerring sense of humour
– New York Jewish upbringing
– Ownership of humour & satire as a weapon of truth

Now that your Brand Perception plan – the Brand Identity – has been carefully laid out, it is time to start bringing Brand YOU! to life. Before you do that though, run it by your key consumers. See what they have to say. Ensure that at least your key consumers are fully aligned to where you are going – and then move forward with confidence knowing that you are on the right track.

Chapter 24 Bringing your Brand Identity to life – planning your communication strategy!

If you remember the earliest chapters, the process we are following starting with consumer insight (knowing what your consumers need and want, and what itch you are trying to scratch), followed by building your perception plan (your Brand Identity).

Now we start breathing life into your Identity through a Marketing Mix that best tells the story of your brand. The challenge here is that your consumers already have a perception of you, so if you are going to create a new perception, you need to get them to notice that there is something different about you. So you need to keep three things in mind as you try to communicate your new Brand Identity:

– Disrupt: In order for your consumer to actually notice a shift or departure from the norm, you have to disrupt the norm of your relationship dynamic. Think of it as a reboot – where new settings kick in and perceptions change.

– Engage: You need to engage with your consumers at the new level that you have decided upon in your perception plan. Once people start looking at you in this new light, half your job is done.

– Convince: As you embark on this journey, remember that every action you take is either a deposit into, or a withdrawal from, the bank of your brand equity. If you stay consistent to your new / improved Brand Identity, there should be little or no convincing required as you build towards your desired Equity.

As you think of this, keep in mind that Brand YOU! is just like any other brand. You need a communication plan that tells the story of Brand YOU! in a holistic way, and brings the brand alive for your target consumer in an engaging and interesting way. After all, you want your target consumer to WANT to engage with Brand YOU!

So… when is your target audience most likely to be open to seeing the new & improved YOU? In marketing jargon, we try to catch them when the clay is moist… when they are attentive, receptive and at a point of need. So when your boss comes to you with a new project, or is desperately looking for a point person on a major new assignment, that would be a good time to introduce them to the new YOU! Or when your spouse wants to ‘talk’, you actually switch off the TV and listen – without interruption. And then respond in a way that brings your new Brand Identity to life in a positive and recognizable way.

Is it possible to predict when your target will be receptive, so that you can be better prepared? I mean, it would be helpful to know just when to bring your new game, right? It would allow you to be more relaxed, and more focused on a better Brand YOU! Well, here’s how you can figure out when the clay is more likely to be moist than other times.

1. Day In the Life Of (DILO): Take a very close look at the day of your key consumers – your boss, your spouse, your family, co-workers, friends. Is there an early morning ritual that your boss always indulges in, like a cup of coffee before he / she heads for their desk? Perhaps a colleague enjoys a stroll in the park during lunch? Does your spouse look forward to a quiet breakfast with you after the kids leave for activities on Sunday? Maybe your children value the time they spend with you just before bed? This exercise can be extremely informative if you are trying to figure out when your key consumers are most likely to be receptive to the new YOU!

2. Year In the Life Of (YILO): Do a similar exercise for the year at a macro level. During the year, there are certain times when your consumers will be more open than others. For example, your boss will certainly appreciate the new YOU! more during the annual business planning cycle, as your spouse would appreciate you more during the summer months when the children are home and cannonballing around the house.

3. Life Itself: There will be things happening in the lives of your consumers that give you windows of opportunity as well. The boss’s daughter’s going away to college? Your mother-in-law is having knee replacement surgery? A colleague is going through a painful divorce? These are all opportunities to bring the new Brand YOU! to the fore.

So, once you have figured out WHEN to communicate the new Brand YOU, here is HOW you communicate to maximum advantage.

86 thoughts on “Chapters 23 & 24 – “Building Brand YOU!” – by Omar Abedin

  1. Key differentiating factors is a tough one. This requires thorough thinking. Again no bias attitudes. We should always think in a way of improving ourselves. Meeting new people and networking helps a lot. Try to think of other people’s differentiating factors and think about what you have got which they have not.

    Communicating is equally important. You have to be heard. Do watch Step up 4. That movie is mostly about the things you do so that people know what you are and what you want. So if you have a strong you have to get engaged with your consumers and convince them about your brand attributes and the benefits you are giving or else all your efforts will be in vein.

  2. After reading this chapter i started thinking about my key differentiating factors, and realized how difficult it is to actually pin down even 3 of those factors, this only makes it more important to create my differentiating factors. I can strongly link Leaders and CEO’s with differentiating factors, even a brand has something which differentiates itself from other products.

    After reading this chapter i’m trying to establish a few differentiating factors keeping in mind my immediate target audience.

  3. This chapter addresses what we call in marketing terms the ‘USP’ of the brand. I think to take forward a brand and have some prospects of brand loyalty and value in the market, every brand needs to have, develop and promote its USP. MAny of us have not thought about our differentiating factor properly, many do realize it but ignore it, and many just forget to put it forward and market it.

  4. Knowing your key differentiation is a must! This is what will differentiate you from your competition. We dont really give too much attention to our differentiation probably because we dont understand its significance. However, reading this chapter make me think hard about my differentiation factors. Its a complex process of evaluating our personality traits and characteristics in such detail. However, once you are done with it, IT IS REALLY WORTH IT! The steps mentioned in the chapters really help you to get to that conclusion.

  5. Since we have been learning about creating a unique brand identity for yourself, this chapter talks about an important aspect that is to establish some key differentiating factors of yourself which will provide you a competitive edge over the others in your category & will serves as your USP. It’s important to communicate these to your core consumers once you have developed these factors.

  6. It is great when you finally figure out your brand ID. We know brand YOU better now after going through several excercises. The most important part in brand id according to me is key differentiators. It makes me realise that why my brand is different from others. What is there that sets me apart from several other people or maybe a crowd, for which consumers would be willing to pay for. You now have your entire brand YOU to life where you know eveything about it and can now compete with others in the real world.

  7. Key Differentiators are really the answer to why I should use this brand? What is so different or special about it? Just like I do not know which detergent to use because over time all are the same for me (owing to the same plagiarized marketing plans and adverts). They all have destroyed their key differentiators plus positioning strategies and squashed their brand identities to the fullest. Besides the names which are slightly different (now a days the names sound the same too), none of the other key differentiators are carefully evaluated.

    Even if I share my key differentiators with other brands at least I can make the effort of executing them in a different manner which then puts me forward in an original way.

    What’s the use of going through this hassle without a marketing plan which is based on consumer receptivity? Brand “You” has to make the most of these rare occasions where it has the opportunity to shine bright.

    This chapter most importantly hints towards the identification of the big idea that is most crucial for marketing communications. Even if you’re there, it is not enough! It has to be phrased in proper meaningful words that present the concept briefly to the client. It is more of a link between your brand identity and the communications plan that will follow. If you hit it right then there’s no way you can go wrong.

  8. Each brand must have key differentiators. After all this is what will make you stand out in a competitive world. Your competitors might have the same positioning and same goals to achieve but key differentiators are what will drive your target audience towards your brand. They should be unique, strong and and effectively communicated.

    YILO, DILO and life itself helps you to understand the consumption pattern of your target market and their daily routine, making it easier for you communication with them at the right moment through the right medium.

  9. Disrupt, engage and convince are also used to analyze an advertisement. This has changed the way I view advertisements. I considered an advertising campaign to be successful if the ads were creative/funny or well scripted. However, I now realize that if an ad engages with me, it won’t necessarily be a successful campaign because, well, it didn’t convince me to buy the product!

  10. The YILO and DILO concept stands out for me as it helps in identifying when and how an agency might communicate the message to the consumer. But it does depend on identifying the right audience in the first place, its such an important aspect for agencies and an equally risky one. Reminds me of how a company created a brand for ‘lassi’ and attempted to sell it to the wrong audience a year back. It was a disastrous campaign but it did provide them with a lot of attention. Clearly publicity wasn’t enough to make the brand work as it didn’t really help them sell the product.

  11. Identifying the Key Differentiators is the most important thing in BRAND YOU. Without the key differentiators there would not be a difference in our brand and the other brand and without key differentiator we might not be appealing to others. Once we have developed our new brand it is also important for our consumer’s to notice a change in us.
    At this point Disrupt, Engage and Convince are a lot important whereas also the concepts of DILO and YILO are good plans of getting our consumer’s to knew about the NEW US. A new brand which is just about how they planned us to be.

  12. we are all good thinkers but the main task here is the action plan. I think at this point most of us will get confused with our intentions and action plan.

    we all think of changing this world but we cant change ourselves. I think the last chapter is very clear about how we can start of with a day, then a year, and then the whole life. Action plan needs work on daily basis and for this we need a lot of determination and motivation.

  13. Your Brand identiy is your uniqueness, which differentiates you from the other brands, identify the factors that differentiate you from others, factors that make you stand out from others but this does not end here, communicate your uniqueness with your consumers in the right way, at the right time.
    World is evolving, people change, perceptions change, in order to maintain competitive advantage YOU aslo have to change.

  14. Coming from a training and development industry for youth in Pakistan, I believe the knowledge about DILO, YILO and Life itself is completely missing.

    There are many small firms who organize youth training events. They call public speakers, media celebrities and sportsmen and create a hype about the event and try to attract many participants. Still, many events fail miserably. Reason? Bad timings!!

    For example, if we go back in 2011 and 2012, many events were organized during April and May which faced huge financial loss. Reason: Because the organizers failed to understand that students have their exams coming up and they are busy with preparations.

    A service organization for example a training firm should process their target audience through DILO, YILO and Life itself before planning any event

  15. The DILO, YILO and Life Itself exercise that we did in class a few weeks ago was something which nobody taught us in our University. I’m quite certain that only a number of people would know about these terms in our advertising industry as well.

    It’s really easy to fire words out of your mouth but it comes to understanding consumers and their lives, this is where the most difficult part comes into play. It took me HOURS and HOURS to do this exercise at home and consumer insight is something which majority of the advertising people in Pakistan don’t really care about — maybe they are not willing to spend time and brainstorm.

  16. Key Differentiators can be a number of things that simply help the consumer differentiate your brand from others. In other words, to avoid the stance of ‘brand transference,’ a successful brand should be able to have a memorable brand capsule and strong key differentiators. Your logo, specific color palette or even packaging can contribute towards being the key differentiators. Furthermore, a brand also needs to continually innovate and engage the consumer, effectively communicating the reason to believe to gain maximum advantage.

  17. Figuring out the key differentiators is another difficult task as how different can a person be. But even little difference can grow out to be big differentiators. In pepsi and coke despite of having similar product they have managed to be poles apart in terms of branding. So for Brand Me how I choose to present would be my key differentiator. And bring your brand to life is as difficult as building your own brand, because a brand came to existence to stay in consumers mind for a longer period of time.

  18. After learning the concepts of YILO, DILO & Life itself, Ive come to the conclusion that The difference of success lie is simply knowing your Target Audience well. DILO YILO and Life Itself are all elements of that difference – due to much required effort and resources that need to put into knowing this – companies are extremely reluctant to know and therefore blindly target the masses.
    Differentiate your product and expose them when the time is right i.e. know your consumer – the rule is straight forward but there is no shortcut to ultimate brand success.

  19. The key differentiators are the main and the most integral part in my opinion, because it is these differentiators that literally makes or breaks the brand. It is the main reason for me to pick it up as opposed to the several others in the same category. Hence it is the key differentiators that makes a brand, A BRAND and not any other generic product.

  20. A brand without key differentiators is just like any other brand out there. Finding the key differentiators might be a difficult task but its the only three factor that differentiate your brand with others. In my opinion, the successful differentiators must instantly remind consumer about your brand.

  21. Now that the book has come to an end, I can view myself from an outward perspective, as a separate entity and evaluate myself to the fullest. This book seeks to bring out the best in an individual and allows that person to fully understand his/her capabilities. It helps you build an identity, not just a robotic one that we tend to follow or make over the years.
    However, it is not easy to follow these steps, it is a laborious process, takes time and patience. Putting together, the brand capsule, the positioning statement, attributes, heritage, personification, and key differentiators is one hell of a task, but once applied through a marketing mix, can create a ripple of a difference.

  22. Having key differentiators for a brand is essential since that is what differentiates the brand from others. Even if a brand penetrates in the same market, its key differentiator is what will make it unique from its competitors. The whole process of knowing your consumers’ lifecycle helps the brand to understand how and when the product is used during a consumer’s lifetime.

  23. I feel that the most important part of your brand identity are key differentiators since they enable you project the kind of values and personality traits that you possess. Those are the things that are the crux of who I am as a brand and the things I can stand by. They allow me to communicate with a certain kind of people (my target audience) and strengthen my owned benefits and my reason to believe.

      1. I’ll have to ask around for this but one of them is definitely my affinity for pop culture references. I’ve been to connect with people so well based on that and had an effect on the way people perceive me.

  24. The brand identity certainly needs powerful positioning,Rich Heritage, Sensible products,Brand persona and capsule.If these all are marvelous in respective category then Brand identity will be huge and good.

    Secondly to change brand identity , it is very difficult as consumers have already some perceptions about brand and changing is a risky task.Disrupt, engage and convince strategy should be adopted.

    Thirdly communicate to audience when they are receptive like in DILO, YILO or life time. Communication is very vital for keeping brand alive and famous among consumers.


  25. There is a personality we have and people perceive us according to that personality traits. On the other hand there is a type of person which we want to become for this to happen, our efforts must come into notice.

  26. In today’s world it is very important to understand what differentiates yourself from the crowd. In every interview this is one the questions being asked so I think it is very helpful that this chapter has pointed it out. YILO and DILO are very interesting and unique concepts for me.

  27. The Brand Identity is a very unique concept which helps marketers to get a realistic, measurable and timely Brand Picture. One can effectively use the Brand Funnel Framework as to develop the Brand Identity by listing:
    1. Brand Capsule
    2. Competitive Positioning
    3. Product Attribute
    4. Heritage
    5. Personality
    6. Key Differentiators

    Having said this, it equally important to deliver onto the Brand Identity as to reach the target audience using the single most compelling idea.

  28. What are the key differentiators of your brand , what makes brand ” you” different from others is the crux of all the discussion.So the sooner a person realizes his or her differentiating factors, it will be easy to clearly define the brand of himself.

  29. The above chapters brought to my mind the ideas of self concept and ideal self and the importance of knowing the difference between what a brand actually stands for and what it aspires to be.The values of a person/brand are of utmost importance in order to create a clear brand identity. As long as the values are defined, it is easier to identify the desired personification.
    I feel that lack of substantial differentiators could lead to a weak brand identity. Standing out from the crowd is absolutely crucial! Hence, a brand should not only be clear for what it stands for but to actually be able to communicate that well.

  30. The next step in building the brand identity is combining different parts of the funnel and deciding on its key differentiating factors. These are essential for any brand as they differentiate a brand from the millions of other brands that exist in the world. It also simplifies the process for the target audience in terms of choosing a brand.
    Timing of brand launch or relaunch is also very important and insights regarding the right time can be found out by observing the market an conducting research. It is a differentiating factor that cannot be imitated because other brands cannot go back in time to utilize the importance of timings. So all these things contribution in building a brand identity.

  31. As I mentioned earlier, a brand must have its own uniqueness bacause if it doesnt it will be very difficult for the target audience to differentiate it from the competitors in the market. Therefore, every brand should highlight the factors which creates a difference from its competitors. A customer should be able to understand & believe in these differences, only then the brand can treat those qualities as its USP’s or USP,

  32. This chapter explains how a brand can build its perception or more specifically its identity by combining the parts of the brand funnel in a concrete whole so that a clear image is communicated to the customers. The essence lies in the differentiating factors that form your identity distinct from that of the others. This should be the prime focus of building the brand identity.

  33. I really like the idea of identifying the right time to communicate with the target audience as to when they would be receptive. Many times we see that if you try to talk to someone about something and give a very rude response and we tell ourself that it’s probably not a good time.This can help us progress in life because if we can know what is the right time to communicate with them and when its going to be the most effective. Like the above example of your children like you spending time with them before going to bed. If we identify these time clearly we can be very effective and efficient in our communication with our customers.

  34. DILO/YILO/Life time events…..lot of marketing research needs to be conducted in order to come up with the details required for Communication!

  35. Key differentiator is what sets your product apart or in your case, brand you apart. The easier it is to identify at least 3 unique attributes about you, the more you stand out to your audience and the better job you are doing at selling yourself. These unique features should be something positive ideally, no one wants to stand out as the person with bad breath or a bad sense of style.

  36. The fire dance: the 3-5 things which all come in a flow, each being a trigger for the next. I find it tough to come up with initially but once done it would be the ultimate brick wall which works in your favor. Your competitor will simultaneously have to counter all 5 things to lure your customer.

    Targeting the attentive, receptive customer at a time of dire need. To do this you have to be in their shoes for a bit to fit in their lives in a customized manner.

  37. Being a competitor one should be well aware of its key differentiations so that it could hit it on the right spot whenever it gets the opportunity. Unfortunately, we as a person does not realize our key differentiators however reading this chapter make me think about my differentiation factors. I have realized that once you are done with realizing part it would really help you in prospering.

  38. YILO and DILO are very interesting and unique concepts. through this companies analyze their consumers and know about their consumption behavior for certain products.

  39. Key differentiators really requires a deep thinking process. Focusing on improving yourself and engaging with people so you got to know what people have to say about you, and it makes you feel why your brand identity is different from others

  40. No matter how well you would have worked on other components of Brand Funnel, you would still remain a commodity unless you identify Key Differentiators. God has created every one of us as a unique person. No two persons in the world would have same finger-prints and this uniqueness is not restricted to finger-prints only. Every one of us do have unique capabilities. The challenge here is to identify them and see how they can add value to your brand building.

  41. Knowing your key differentiators is not enough. You also need to know how to use these key differentiators to cater to your customers needs. What is it that they can gain from your point of differentiation? That is highly important to know and understand. Its like when you walk into a job interview and the business executive asks you, ‘Tell me something about yourself’, you dont tell give him a run of the mill generic cliche answer, you tell him things which set you apart from the plethora of other people applying for that very same position. This essentially is your selling point, the factor which capitalizes on your strength the most relative to others.

  42. My key differentiators would be the reason as to why my consumers would come up to me. Therefore it is important to know your key differentiators that set you apart from the rest of the crowd.
    Also it is equally important to figure ot the days when your target market will be more receptive. One can take advantage of that by simply communicating one’s brand identity during such receptive times.

  43. The whole point of building brand “You” was to differentiate oneself from others and not just be any other product on the “shelf”….so a unique positioning, desirable tangibles and a compelling personality boils down to those key diferentiators which could bring success in form of progress in career or better personal relationships or so on…..I feel we have all gone through the exercise of identifying the key differentiators every time we think of our strengths (and weaknesses)…the whole process of brand identity makes this identification simpler….

  44. Finding the key differentiators for your brand is indeed the toughest and most important part of a perception plan. This is what will set you apart from the rest of brands out there.

    I believe for any communication to be meaningful, it has to be from the heart and spontaneous, at least in personal life I think you don’t need to be so methodical to find out when your target audience is most receptive, if you know your target audience (the people you live and work with) well enough, this should come naturally to you.

  45. It is important that one clearly defines their key differentiators as in the competitive world of today it is of extreme importance that you present yourself as someone who is different from the crowd and can truly add value to the system.

  46. In the previous chapters, we have thoroughly been exposed to the components of brand identity. One major and the final piece of puzzle are to distinguish your brand from others, by defining the key differentiators. Although developing other parts of the brand identity are tough, but in my opinion defining the key differentiators is the toughest. But at the end of the day, knowing your key differentiators is a must. If a brand manager fails to recognize the differentiators, how the hell are they going to communicate the message to the end consumer, how can they literally make the consumer feel that the brand is not only different but special as well. And in this world of high competitiveness, if you have to survive, you as a brand have to constantly revisit and improvise, just to survive.

    Once you are done with developing a brand identity, it is time to become Frankenstein and hence, bring your brand identity to life. One key learning is what I am taking with me is that your brand identity, once brought to life should be disruptive, engaging and convincing enough. Brand managers usually fail to realize that this can be repetitive process when it comes to innovative industry, but brand is synonymous with innovation, you constantly need to modify and improvise on your current practices. The level of difficulty can be understood from the fact that many of brands have failed to do so convincingly, some brands have brought their identity to life perfectly, like Apple, GE, Nike, Coke, Caterpillar etc., but some have failed in the process and consequently perished, for e.g. IBM, Phillips, General Motors, Sharper Image, Kodak and the list is endless. At the end of the day, it is not only about developing a brand identity, but also the communication strategy is the key if you wish to bring your creation to life effectively and perfectly.

  47. Key differentiators are why you’re unique with the personality you have/developed. The three factors to be realised when communicating a brand identity are a great check-list to see if you’re on the right path.

    DILO, YILO and LI are exhaustive techniques to focus on consumers lifestyles and work on the points of consumption identified.

  48. It is true that timing is the key. You must know when your target is vulnerable, and that’s the right time to communicate to them.
    All the previous chapters talked about different concepts of branding, but it important to compile them all and make a structured funnel, that results in the BRAND YOU in one sentence, one sentence that differentiates you from everyone else around you.

  49. A brand’s persona defines its values and overall personality. Needless to say, it should be consistent with its overall image. For instance, Mountain Dew is a brand personified as daring, terrific, adventurous and outgoing. Such a persona exists because of the message the brand has been communicating via different channels. A successful brand thus delivers a consistent message through a well defined brand capsule, positioning and persona.

  50. what makes one brand identity is really interesting. after all here is the part where consumers relate to u. for that matter its not necessary that one brand has to be on the values and attitudes the consumer have but its the key differentiators that make the brand stand different in the minds of consumers and that how they relate to the brand. now when one has pin point its differentiators , its essential that consumers also understand those after all that what compels them to be loyal to the brand. the brand also has capitalize on these differentiators and communicate them to the target audience at the time when they are receptive and attentive. moreover , the brands also need to be a friend to the consumers for that they have to bring their identity to life and that more important.

  51. My key differentiators would be the reason as to why my consumers would come up to me. Therefore it is important to know your key differentiators that set you apart from the rest of the crowd.
    Also it is equally important to figure to the days when your target market will be more receptive. One can take advantage of that by simply communicating one’s brand identity during such receptive times which could be DILO, YILO etc

  52. This is a very interesting exercise and Im going to spend some time today to evaluate the DILO and YILO of my father, who is usually the main ‘target audience’ I aim to impress. I know he is not a night person and is more receptive in the early hours of the morning. So if I am to communicate with him I need to catch him when he is most attentive. I always knew this subconsciously but I can’t believe I never acted upon it. Thank you for this.

    That way he will see me as a ‘good daughter’ (which is my frame of reference) and will help me portray the fact that I take out time to talk to him (which is my owned benefit). I do spend time with him at night but the benefit is not really communicated effectively and now that I think about it its all because of the timing.

  53. The most important selling aspect of your brand. Brand ID would help differentiate the product from what already prevails in the market. And i totally agree that the impact of the brand also matters on when the product comes in contact with the consumers. No matter how much the product is useful to the consumer, if introduced at the wrong time, it wouldn’t produce the required result.

  54. Great read, what I highly appreciate is the direction being given in the blog. I was of the opinion that this is a very subjective topic but no can you shape the identity and bring it to life with the understanding being developed in the chapters. I would like to see how I transform myself from here with the help of model in place. I have been able to realize that what I truly stand for and how I can move from here.

  55. As far I see, we are almost approaching to the apex of the book, the things are now converging to the point that the brand YOU has come to life, its breathing now and has an active cardiogram. It is the time one needs to introduce the new brand YOU to your customers. As Omar Abidin says, catch them when clay is moist So disrupt them when it is time they can notice a change, engage them when they ask about the change and convince them with the consistency of your devotion to change your previous brand identity. And when they ask, How did you do this? Don’t forget to recommend this book to them :).

  56. Key differentiators help triggering the name of your brand in your consumer’s mind. Communication process brings your brand identity the life. The most critical thing in communication is the time to launch the brand YOU, so that you can capture the full concentration of your audience.

    Interesting, fingers crossed for the next chapters…

  57. To disrupt is the most difficult part of communication….making people aware of the changes you have brought in your life through DILO, YILO, or Life itself requires lot of consumer insight and research….

  58. haha excellent advertising summed up in 3 words. It should Disrupt , Engage and Convince. that’s it! Gone will be the days or arguments with agencies if they understand that this is what any brand manager will look for when the communication strategy is executed.

    These 24 chapters have enlightened me more and more importantly clarified what different text books have always led to confuse me. God bless you!

  59. Building brand, the evolution suitably ends up at pointing out the Key differentiators of one personality. The John Stewart’s example is great one as it actually aids you to exactly pin points those key aspects of your personality that one feels are exceptional, as they make you different from the rest. The fact that those key factors once highlighted together should only point towards your personality is the core aspect of whole exercise, if one can come up with the correct ones I am of the firm opinion a strong foundation of a brand has been laid.

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    . . . .

    Se il vous plaît laissez-moi savoir.

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