Our INNOVATION partners - Fusion learning

We passionately believe that innovation is the life-blood of any organization.


We have partnered with Fusion Learning Inc., a global leader in the field of innovation to bring their cutting-edge programs to the region.

Fusion Fuel

Fusion Learning specialises in the 3 core creative disciplines:

  • positioning
  • innovation
  • activation

All of this is underpinned by the great enabler:
profound consumer insight.

These 3 pillars are always connected and it is the ability to jump between them that allows us to unleash the full potential of the art & science of creative brand building.

Positioning: we have run brandventures to create positionings for new brands like Belotero & Molson M and reposition Nivea worldwide through to superclaiming Visage into Nivea DNAge.

Innovation: our scope has run from inventing £2million of new trademarketing ideas for Clearasil through to reinventing a future for analgesics, bread and aircare.

Activation: has included a whole myriad of projects to bring brands to life, stretching from concept crafting and prototyping , to problem ad brief & global ad agency pitch coaching.

We have worked on more than 200 live learning innovation challenges with certain common traits:

  • Filling dry pipelines
  • Cracking the toughest nuts
  • Replacing small ideas with big
  • Fusing technology with insight
  • Building innovation cultures

Fusion Clients